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sakuramaboroshi asked → sansa stark or arianne martell

❝ Death stands behind every bride, every groom. Even as they say their vows, the flowers are rotting in her crown, his teeth are rotting in his head. Cancers they will not notice for thirty years grow slowly, already, in their stomachs. Her beauty browns at the edges as the ring slides up her finger. His strength saps, infinitesimally, as he kisses her. If you listen in the church, you can hear my clock tick softly, as they tock together toward the grave. I hold their hands as they stride proudly down the very short road to dotage and death. It’s all so sweet, it makes me cry. Let me kiss your bride on both cheeks, Life. Let me feel her hot blood cool slowly against my eyelids. ❞
—   Catherynne M. Valente, Deathless (via larmoyante)   —


The Art of Disney: (1-2) Production Layouts by Tom Codrick (3) Production Cel Set-Up. Sleeping Beauty, 1959.

You’re at peace because you know it’s okay to be afraid.

Hey, guys! I’m one of the admins to a Twitter based role playing group, set in an Alternate Universe during Robert’s Rebellion and The Year of the False Spring. Our Role Players are very descriptive, giving you a good sense for the story lines as such. Right here on the website, you will be able to view various events and character biographies. Each character will have a specific biography with both canon information and role play time lines & events. This is divided per House, containing special galleries with illustrative imagery. Viewer Poles are released weekly, to promote interactions between members and provide awards to characters on set topic. This is an AU so aging the younger characters, a few years, increases role playing options. However, we are not accepting original characters until the wanted list has been minimized. If you are interested or need more information, please contact us on @WarOfTheUsurper

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chaoticlyra asked: haldir or tauriel


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Her hair was the color of water in winter, and her bones were so delicate! She hardly had any breasts at all. When she danced, men killed themselves, knowing they would never again see such beauty. She had four lovers in Kiev, each richer than the other, but her heart was so cold that she could hold ice in her mouth and it would never melt.



ROTBTD AU » Guardians of the Galaxy
"We arrested these five on Earth, check out these skill sheets."

Based on the Guardians of the Galaxy trailer. If you haven’t already seen it, you can check it out here!


Tully’s get their strength from the water


my brief was to “Ask someone for instructions in what to do and then obey them” and i think i did pretty well! i asked my friend “what should i do for this assignment?” and she said the above quote and then i had to make a record of it!!